On the 24th of januari we went to Bounz in Arnhem with seven very enthusiastic Split members. After a short (but intensive) warming-up in which we warmed up our muscles, we were free to practice all our skills. In the middle there was one long trampoline on which the Split members were fanatic trying to stick their series. Nina tried to make as much front flips as possible in a row, Simone practiced her front handspring and Esmée was eager to stick her round-off back handspring.

 When we were all a bit out of inspiration and got a bit tired of all the jumping, the Bounz teacher was there to learn us some cool tricks against the slanted trampoline wall. Everyone practiced these tricks and we made a very nice video in which we all did the same trick together at the same time. He also learned us a cartwheel against this slanted trampoline wall which Britta was able to do best.

On the sides, on the squared trampolines we practiced our split jumps and Leonie and Laura were working hard to get their best front flip. Lucas got his back tuck back and even landed his first round-off back tuck!

After an hour of intensive jumping our legs were trained enough. We had a very fun evening and we hope that more members will join next time!

Written by Esmée Ruiter

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