NSTC 2 Groningen

The day on which a round off somersault resulted in a lower D-score and falling four times leaded to a bronze medal.

After a long journey and for some an early morning, the competition day in Groningen could begin. It was a day full of joy & disappointment, lucky escapes & frustrations. A day in which everyone pushed boundaries, sometimes with success and sometimes leading to disappointment.

Before we knew the results of this awesome day, we had to show our not really well practised line dance. Despite a small group of dancers and some mistakes, we still managed to please Marlie and got Sir Banancelot back. Thanks to Bart’s quick drive to the supermarket, we also got our flag back. Let’s hope they don’t get stolen again the next competition. After all this excitement, the award ceremony started. Split did a nice job this competition, we even managed to take home seven medals while only nine people joined!

To end this quite successful day, a famous Groningen afterparty was thrown.

After all we can look back to yet another successful competition, where everyone learned new things and found new inspiration and motivation to keep on practicing.
See you at the next competition, let’s hope it will be as successful as this one!

Written by Laura Timmermans


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