NSK jumping competition

On the 17th of March we travelled to Enschede for the NSK jumping competition. We joined this competition with two teams, the first team had to start in the morning. Everyone was just on time to start the warming up and then jump the four apparatuses. The competition went all right, there were some small mistakes but we were happy to have completed the competition with minimal preparation. Then it was time for the second team, now we had time to help and cheer them on! With some last adaptations they also completed the competition and we could relax.

During the afternoon the individual jumping competition took place, since no Splitters joined this competition we had enough time to prepare our party outfits.
Then it was time to eat and go to the party! The theme of the party was Temptation Weiland so we all went as yellow cows. We drank some (yellow) beers at the party and had a lot of fun!
The next morning, after some difficulties getting up, we had breakfast and headed back to Wageningen. It was a great weekend!

Written by Nina Bloemhoff

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