NSK Utrecht

Unlike the previous competitions this year, Utrecht was quite nearby. The start was however early in the morning, and Bart had some troubles with that. Luckily, that didn’t affect his competition and he became second. Esmée did also a great job, despite some issues with the balance beam, she recovered herself and got even the second place on the floor. Bob’s and Britta’s competition took place in the second round. Bob was actually participating in a higher level (unintended), but that was not a problem at all. He also became second on the floor! Britta’s competition was very decent, and her best apparatus was the balance beam. A large part of this day, these gymnasts were supported by Laura, Nina, Niels and of course by our jury member Kikkie, thanks for your support!

After the competition, the party took place. Even though the number of present Splitters was not quite high, we had a great time! Dressed to the Cops and Criminal theme, and armed with water pistols and handcuffs, Split was part of a very nice party.

See you at the GNSK in Wageningen!

 Written by Bart Vilier

 Photo credit: Jan de Koning


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