NSK Jumping

On the 23rd of February, the second competition of this year took place. Two enthusiastic teams of Split went to Delft to join the NSK jumping. The first team (Bananas are not straight), consisting of Britta, Lex, Marlies, Nina, Sterre and Bart, did a good job at the vault. Unfortunately, Marlies got injured and some jumps had to be adjusted. Despite some little stress, and with the support of the other Split team (Banana Smoothie), the team managed to do all the jumps and everybody can be very proud of themselves! The second team, with Lisa, Leonie, Duranda, Yovita and Celia also started at vault. With Leonie as a passionate team captain and with the support of other Splitters, this team demonstrated their talents very well. After the competition, we had a nice dinner and also an awesome party. Thanks to the party clothing commission, every girl looked like a man and vice versa 🙂 Finally, special thanks are due to Célia, for all her nice pictures