NSK Allround in Wageningen 2019

In the last weekend of May it was finally there… The NSK all round in Wageningen! It already started on Friday when everybody was eating together and helped with building up the apparatuses. The big floor was quite difficult and it took us some time. Fortunately, it was all worth it! The next day, gymnasts from everywhere in the country were showing beautiful routines and Split even won three medals! Bronze for Laura Timmermans, silver for Heleen Kappen and gold for Lex Koekkoek. We won our mascots back with showing a beautiful Snow White play with Jordi as a fantastic Snow White! We also ‘brassed’ some mascots, so we got a very big Banana Split cake from the NSTB! After eating some pizza and cake, we all got dressed for the party in the Bunker. Everybody was showing their creativity in the theme ‘Hand in Hand to Wonderland’! It was a very nice evening with a lot of dancing and fairy wonder. After a long day everybody could sleep happy ever after. Everybody… except the NSK committee. They had to serve breakfast at 8:30 the next morning and they had to clean up everything. Fortunately, everybody was very happy and enjoying the weekend, which was a compensation for the short night of sleep. 😉

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