It all started on October the 30th at eight pm. After getting through the maze that took you to room 759 in Forum, you could prepare for the Splitquiz by having a drink and grab some snacks that were perfectly taken care of. Teams were made but because of the competitive nature of gymnasts, there was some switching of members. After choosing the team name, the game was on. When one of the first questions was about Marcels age, it was clear for everyone that this quiz was going to be far from simple. Luckily Rosanne mentioned that we didn’t have to give the answers in Latin which made it a little bit less hard. There were six categories about Split, gymnastics, music, sport, geography and random stuff. With eight head breaking questions per category, there was a well-deserved break after the first three categories. After the last category about random stuff, where Laura really took her shine, points were counted by a five-headed jury. Medals made of chocolate where given to the winning team but, this was not the end because the winning team had three members and there were four medals… So there was one last question and the first person who gave a right answer to this question (where out-of-the-box answers where not out-of-the-box enough) could win the very last chocolate medal. In short, it was a really intense night (but we also had a lot of fun).

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