Birthday of Split

On the 19th of November Split turned 28! 
We celebrated in typical Dutch children’s birthday party style. We started with decorating our own cupcake, which of course was a big success. I think everybody turns back into a 5-year-old when they are handed a cupcake, whipped cream and sprinkles. After we were finished, the very clear game instructions were given and the groups were made. Then the games were ready to start. Of course, we changed some games to make them suitable for Split. Normally you would play “ezeltje prik”, but now we played “aapje prik” and instead of “koekhappen” we played “banaantjehappen”. We also played “banaantjepoepen” instead of “spijkerpoepen”. Moreover, we played twister which was the most fun in my opinion. At a certain moment I couldn’t distinguish my legs from Sterre’s anymore. We also took a lot of funny pictures during this game.  
The night ended with the wedding of mr. and mrs. Banancelot. It was very romantic, and they had a beautiful wedding cake, lovely made by Laura and Rosanne. The baby was also named. His name is now Banamini (credits to Pasha). Overall it was a super fun night and I wish mr. and mrs. Banancelot the best luck in their marriage. 

Lots of love from your favorite feut, 

Merith ​

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