Splitterklaas 2019

On the 4th of December we celebrated Splitterklaas, so that Sinterklaas had enough time to give other people presents on his real birthday. First everybody got lost due fog which made the location difficult to find. Once everybody was present at Lorenzo’s place, we could eat pepernoten (!) and drink something and start with the amazing Splitterklaas dice game. The game existed of two rounds and in the first round every present got divided and unwrapped and in the second round the real game started. To make the conventional dice game a little bit more exiting, there were two groups. People were stealing presents from each other, switching groups and challenges to win a present were made against each other. The latter was also the moment when the chaos started. People started to walk; dart arrows and pepernoten were flying in the room; handstands and push-ups were made, and some people were beaten by the old-fashioned arm-wrestling game or rock-paper-scissors. In short, your presents weren’t safe. When the alarm went off, everyone had to stop with the game and some people were cheering, because they had their favorite present. To relax from the hectic game everybody started to chat, and some people were still trying to steal a present from another person. Fortunately, everybody had a present at the end and could go home satisfied.

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