Christmas dinner

Last Wednesday on the 15th of January, the split Christmas dinner took place, better late than never :p. The theme was fairytales and the dinner was in the Lumen building which gave it a real magical touch. At Splitterklaas a lot of people wrote down what their favourite fairytale was and at the dinner everybody got a picture of it at their seat. It was soon very clear to me that people had just written down a random fairytale as I have told many people how their “favorite” story goes. Every course was also somehow related to a fairytale and before a course started Laura read us the related lovely story. I saw a lot of splitters having trouble not falling asleep so she did a great job in telling (bed-time) stories ;). After eating and drinking (for some people a little too mutch) everybody rolled home at around nine p.m. having had a great night.

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