First year’s activity

Which activity is also amazing besides gymnastics? Indeed, eating FOOD! Moreover, this is very important to fuel the muscles after doing gymnastics. What a coincidence, the first year’s members organized a potluck dinner on the 23rd of January! We just continued the delicious food after the Christmas dinner 😉. The first year’s members all made delicious dishes like wraps, salads, pancakes, self-made cheese sticks, pineapple fritter (beignets), brownies and a lot of other nice food. Britta also made cupcakes, because she was a first year’s member for some Splitters due to her half year exchange in Sweden. I didn’t mind; the more food, the better ;P. While eating all the nice stuff everybody was chatting and laughing with each other. Nina showed the video of our famous ex-Splitter Kikkie doing fierljeppen during a Splitweekend some years ago, which was very funny to see XD. At the end of the evening, hardly any food remained, and everybody could roll home after a nice and cozy night 😊.

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