Jumping competition 2020

On the 22th of February two Split teams traveled to Rotterdam to participate in the jumping competition. The first team was a little bit chaotic, and in every round, it was a surprise who was going to jump and in which order, while the second team had written down all the useful information. Nevertheless, both teams did a good job and got 4th place! Lex was also participating in the individual competition and won a silver medal! Probably everybody did very well due to the amazing support of family members; Laura with her self-made cookies and cupcakes (which were amazing!); and the silent member Tamara, who live nearby Rotterdam, came to see us 😊. Besides Tamara, also Nina and Menke were familiar with Rotterdam. That means: a city tour! After some metro struggles we reached Rotterdam Blaak and we visited the market hall and the cubic houses (which are yellow!). Next , we drank some tea, coffee and chocolate milk to warm up from the windy weather. Back at the competition location, we ate with each other and the day ended with a tropical-après ski party, which was very nice! During the competition and the party Pegasus and STAH sang a song for us to win back here mascots, which was very funny. In short, it was a nice and great weekend! 

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