Kubb tournament

On the 16th of September we had our first Split activity of this year and our second real life activity since the corona time! It was really nice to see each other again and to chat while we were eating self-made cookies, cake, fruit spieces and bread with dips. Even some new Splitters came which was really nice J. Besides eating the delicious food there was also some time for activity. We played the game Kubbs in which two teams were throwing with wooden sticks to conquer the wooden king. Apparently Splitters are not so good in throwing at a target so after the first round we made the playing field a bit smaller. Despite our skills it was a really fun game to do. Moreover, we weren’t gymnasts if we didn’t make some handstands on the wooden blocks ;). After the sun disappeared behind the trees everybody got home after a nice evening full of Splitter.

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