First year activity

A few days ago, the first-year members of our association organized an online activity for all the other members. The activity was “kwartet” (four-of-a-kind). First, we gathered online in a teams meeting. The organizers of the activity divided all members present into teams and we were provided with a list of quartets. Every member of the team had to make a selfie with an item or in a certain position according to the list, to earn a point. We had an hour to finish the list of 50 quartets, which meant we had to run around our house and make a lot of selfies! We were instructed to finish the list of quartets as a team in chronological order, so we had to be creative when not having the object needed for the quartet. We were not allowed to skip a quartet! Every team had one judge to keep the score and to check if the picture were worth a point. All this resulted in very funny pictures, as you can see!

Thank you first-year activity committee for organizing this fun activity!

Quartet with a newspaper
Quartet while balancing a book on your head
Quartet with shoes on your hands
Quartet with painted nails (creative!)
Upside down quartet

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