On the 19th of November Split turned 30 years old! We celebrated our sixth lustrum with two weeks full of activities. We were afraid that the new measures against the coronavirus would ruin our lustrum, but luckily only one activity had to be cancelled. As our first activity we handed out the Almanacs, and we even sent some to the founders of Split! On Tuesday we went to a trampoline park in Ede, where everyone had a lot of fun, because what is a better place for a gymnast to go than a giant trampoline park?

Okay, an even better place for a gymnast is a real gymnastics hall. We also got to go to one, because on Saturday we had the reunion of Split at Marcel’s gymnastics hall! Many new and old Splitters went to train in Marcel’s hall, one of which did gymnastics at Split back in 2003!!! After the training we settled down with a drink and a snack in the canteen to play a pub quiz all about Split, gymnastics and bananas. The winning team only won by one point, and as an amazing prize they won the delicious Haribo banana sweets!

The next week we saw Splitters every day. On Monday and Thursday, we had the last trainings before the competition. On Tuesday we had a dance workshop from Wubda, in which we learnt the quickstep and the jive. We received the compliment that we learnt the dances very quickly, because we as gymnasts know exactly how our bodies work and move. On Wednesday we had the baking activity, in which teams had to work on a part of the recipe, and then give this to the next team. This resulted in one team ending up with a brownie lava soup, because another team forgot to add the flour… On Friday we built up apparatuses for the competition, and with the competition on Saturday, our sixth lustrum had already come to an end.

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