Last week we had the amazing SPLITday! It was a great day and many members and silent members joined. We started at Christy place with a nice lunch before we went to Ede to jump in the trampoline park. At times it was a struggle to dodge all the little kids but luckily we managed to avoid collisions with them. I’ve seen some amazing skills and tricks. Here are some of the things we did: half, full and double twists into the airbag; some double salto’s; slamming into the wall as high as possible (Ruben managed 4m, I think); walking against the wall; sliding on your feet over the airbag from the slide and playing with the sweeper arm. It was a lot of fun. We even got to jump half an hour longer than planned because they liked having us . After the jumping we were all very hungry. Back at Christy’s place the saladcaptains made sure that our food was prepared fast. The day ended with some fun games of Weerwolven in Wagerdam.

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