NSTC2 2022 Groningen

On the 19th of February the second competition of the year was held. Quite some members were planning to go, but in the end only four Splitters went all the way to Groningen. They left a bit before 7AM, so maybe that’s why there weren’t many of us. They still did have a lot of fun, and they also had time to go see the city centre of Groningen! Unfortunately, also one of our mascots, sir Banancelot, got brassed by Pegasus 🙁
Hopefully, Splitters joining the next competition can win him back, by “baking a green cake, including the number 14”.

This competition was an all around competition, so there you could only win a medal if you performed well on all apparatuses. Heleen V got 2nd place! Well done!

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