27th June 2023


See what’s happening in the association!

  • Christmas Dinner

    Christmas Dinner

    On January 9, 2024, the yearly Christmas/New Year dinner took place, and let’s just say, it was amazing! The turnout was oceanic, and the organizers went all out to bring the theme ‘Under the Sea’ to life with a three-course meal. Picture this: homemade dolphin-shaped croutons swimming in the broccoli soup, a poke bowl adorned Read more about Christmas Dinner[…]

  • Splitterklaas


    On the 5th of December the AC organised our yearly tradition of Splitterklaas. A group of Splitters signed up and came together to play a special game of “who am I?” and everyone went home with a little present to enjoy. It was an evening full of excitement and thankfulness!  

  • Split’s birthday party

    Split’s birthday party

    On the 19th of November, Split turned 32 years old and we celebrated this with a big party! Our members had to find their way to different houses to complete several tasks (like for example doing a Just Dance dance or finding all the hidden Split stickers). Once they completed these tasks successfully, they earned Read more about Split’s birthday party[…]

  • NSTC1 in Utrecht

    NSTC1 in Utrecht

    Last November the NSTC1 took place in Utrecht. This was an apparatus competition which means that prizes could be won on every apparatus separately! As many as fifteen Splitters joined the first competition of the year and they took home countless medals. Thanks to our sister association U-turn we had an amazing weekend!

  • Veluweloop


    A team of Split + friends participated in the Veluweloop. The day started cold but in the afternoon the sun started shining! And then it started to rain but let’s forget about that :). We had a lot of fun and even though everyone was very tired, we danced the sore muscles away during the Read more about Veluweloop[…]

  • Soil drilling championships

    Soil drilling championships

    In October, a team of Splitters joined the famous soil drilling championships. For most of the teammembers it was the first time that they put a drill in the ground, so we started not too strong. But in the end, we got the hang of it. Looking back, it was a chaotic but also very Read more about Soil drilling championships[…]

  • Split barbecue

    Split barbecue

    To celebrate the end of the academic year, the activity committee prepared a great bbq! We were extremely lucky with the weather and enjoyed all the delicious veggie burgers, couscous and pasta salads, baked potatoes and vegetable sticks.

  • Beachvolleybal


    The activity committee organized a beachvolleybal night! Many Splitters joined and we had a great time together. In the end we came to the conclusion that gymnasts may not be the best volleyballplayers, but it is definetely fun to watch them!

  • GNSK


    On June 10th, Split organized the GNSK! All of the competition committee’s hard work payed off, because pretty much the whole day went very smoothly and we managed to stick to the time schedule. Afterwards, competitors from all different sports went to Ceres to enjoy the Glow themed party.

  • Split weekend

    Split weekend

    At the end of May, our weekend committee organized the Split weekend! We chilled at the lake, decorated home made cookies, had a yoga workshop, played beachvolleybal, barbecued and did many more amazing activities!

  • Batavierenrace


    In the last weekend of April, the 51st Batavierenrace took place. Split joined in a team together with U-turn and Linea Recta. The race started on Friday night and finished Saturday afternoon. We ended up finishing 159th out of 300 teams. This means we were the fastest student gymnastics team! After this, we definitely deserved Read more about Batavierenrace[…]

  • Thymos gala

    Thymos gala

    Last April, many Split members went to the Thymos Sportsgala for a big party. It was a great night filled with dancing and laughter!

  • Calisthenics workshop

    Calisthenics workshop

    At the 18th of April, Split had a calisthenics workshop at Kalos gym in Ede. The trainers there gave us an introductory lesson to some of the Calisthenics skills, such as a muscle up, a front and back lever and a human flag. Some splitters managed to do some of the skills! Afterwards we did Read more about Calisthenics workshop[…]

  • NSTC jumping 2023

    NSTC jumping 2023

    In the first weekend of April, some of our members have competed at the jumping competition in Amsterdam. We went with two teams: bananamini trampolini and yellow jumping squad. Bananamini trampolini came in in 3rd place in level 3, and yellow jumping squad ended up in 6th place in level 2. At the and of Read more about NSTC jumping 2023[…]

  • NSTC1 in Nijmegen

    NSTC1 in Nijmegen

    At the 26th of November, ten Splitters competed at the NSTC1 in Nijmegen. They all showed the best they could do. Split also managed to take 10 medals home. Ruben won 5 medals: 1st place on voltige, 2nd on even bars, vault and floor, and 1st on all round! Tamara was 2nd on both beam Read more about NSTC1 in Nijmegen[…]

  • Split weekend

    Split weekend

    The weekend organised this year’s Split weekend. The weekend took place at Ruben’s place. We did a lot of fun activities like a treasure hunt and games based on random skills. On saturday evening a silent disco was organised, which was a lot of fun and gave a lot of funny situations. For example, one Read more about Split weekend[…]

  • Thymos sports night

    Thymos sports night

    A few of our members took part in the annual sports night from thymos. The theme was pyjama party. There were lots of fun games. Even though we weren’t very good at most of them, we all stayed enthusiastic and had a lot of fun. Of course we had to do a handstand :P. Split Read more about Thymos sports night[…]

  • GNSK


    On the 11th of June some of our members competed in the GNSK. We all had a great time during the competition, as well as at the party after 🙂

  • Split Gala

    Split Gala

    The very first Split Gala was a great succes! On the 1st of June, we had our very first Split gala, with the theme ‘Split goes Lit’. The Activity Committee had been very busy with organising this gala, and what a way to introduce Yoni as a new member to the AC! Although the sound system was lacking quality several Read more about Split Gala[…]

  • NSK


    On the 7th of May a small group participated in the NSK in Rotterdam! It was a very nice day and very well organised. Shamefully, we lost Sir Banancelot again, right after winning it back that day. But what’s more sad, is that Yoni had a little accident during her vault routine, with big consequences. Read more about NSK[…]

  • Batavierenrace


    On 29 and 30 April the Batavieren race took place. Together with U-turn and Linea Recta we turned it into a party! 🥳 Who said gymnasts cannot run? Maybe we are not fast as we are just flexible 😉 We had a lot of of fun, exciting trips in the van 🚐 and that little Read more about Batavierenrace[…]

  • Pool Party

    Pool Party

    On Thursday the 7th of April we all went pooling after the training! Everyone showed off their amazing pool skills. However, it was sometimes very hard to actually hit the white ball, so we maybe need a bit more practice. We all had a lot of fun! Afterwards, most Splitters went to the open party at Read more about Pool Party[…]

  • Just Dessert

    Just Dessert

    On Wednesday the 23th of March, the AC organised a just dance and dessert party, which turned out to be an amazing combination! Approximately 20 people joined, and everyone made a dessert, so we had far too much food hahahah. Everything was delicious, so we all ate our bellies full. We could then burn off Read more about Just Dessert[…]

  • Jumping Competition

    Jumping Competition

    On the 26th of March, Britta, Annemieke, Christy, Mara, Annika S and Heleen V went to the group jumping competitions in Eindhoven. The theme was 70’s and therefore Britta had crocheted yellow flower headbands. Everyone looked absolutely fantastic. And not only did they look good, they jumped really well and came in 3rd in level Read more about Jumping Competition[…]

  • Christmas Dinner

    Christmas Dinner

    It finally happened on the 2nd of March: the Christmas dinner! The dinner was rainbow-themed, so all the courses were consecutive colours of the rainbow: red bruschetta, orange pumpkin soup, yellow curry, green salad, blue(ish) melon slush, and a purple berry pie! Everyone had to wear their favourite colour, and all the songs had colours Read more about Christmas Dinner[…]

  • NSTC2 2022 Groningen

    NSTC2 2022 Groningen

    On the 19th of February the second competition of the year was held. Quite some members were planning to go, but in the end only four Splitters went all the way to Groningen. They left a bit before 7AM, so maybe that’s why there weren’t many of us. They still did have a lot of fun, Read more about NSTC2 2022 Groningen[…]

  • Christmas Holidays

    Christmas Holidays

    From the 18th of December to the 2nd of January we had our Christmas holidays. We received some photos of you, and judging from these, it looks like you had a lot of fun!

  • Christmas Lunch

    Christmas Lunch

    On the 14th of December the AC organised the perfect break from learning for the exams: a relaxing Christmas lunch.

  • Movie bingo

    Movie bingo

    Last Tuesday the First-years committee organised their event! It was a movie bingo night. Due to corona measures, we were with 2 groups at Joos’ and Annikas home. Joos has baked some blondies, and they provided some other snacks as well. The movie was Aladdin, and during the film we had to pay close attention, Read more about Movie bingo[…]

  • NSTC 1

    NSTC 1

    On the 27th of November we organised a fantastic competition against all student gymnastics associations of the Netherlands. With 243 participants it was a day full of gymastics and fun. There was a bit of delay but at the end of the day everyone had the chance to show their best skills and have a nice dinner. Read more about NSTC 1[…]

  • Lustrum


    On the 19th of November Split turned 30 years old! We celebrated our sixth lustrum with two weeks full of activities. We were afraid that the new measures against the coronavirus would ruin our lustrum, but luckily only one activity had to be cancelled. As our first activity we handed out the Almanacs, and we even sent Read more about Lustrum[…]

  • Thymos visit

    Thymos visit

    On the 14th of October Thymos joined our training. They tried all aparatuses and they even tried some flips. Both Annemieke and Marcel were there to give them great tips. They enjoyed the training very much and they liked the ambiance in the hall. 

  • Game night

    Game night

    On Wednesday the 29th of September the AC organised their second activity, which was a games night. It started off with a potluck, so everyone brought something to share and eat, and it all tasted really good! It was very nice to have so many different cuisines. After, we started playing some games, and we Read more about Game night[…]

  • Split Borrel

    On Wednesday the 22nd of September we had our first organised ‘Borrel’. Pasha opened his place for everyone and provided the drinks and some snacks, which was very nice of him. Pasha, thanks a lot! I brought my chocolate-beercake that I had planned for the lunch but had too little time to finish the baking. Read more about Split Borrel[…]

  • Lunch


    On Tuesday the 21st of September we had our first activity of this year! The AC organised a lunch, so that everyone could have a break from studying and chat about whatever they liked. Everyone brought their own lunch, but Femke S made a banana cake for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for that, Femke! Read more about Lunch[…]

  • SPLIT Day

    SPLIT Day

    Last week we had the amazing SPLITday! It was a great day and many members and silent members joined. We started at Christy place with a nice lunch before we went to Ede to jump in the trampoline park. At times it was a struggle to dodge all the little kids but luckily we managed to Read more about SPLIT Day[…]

  • Night at the Rhine

    Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Night at the Rhine due to the colder weather this week. Luckily, Fenna offered her place to enjoy our evening instead (thanks, Fenna!). Just like we planned for the Rhine, everyone brought something to eat, with as much desserts as head courses, and no one leaving with an empty Read more about Night at the Rhine[…]

  • Jachtseizoen


    Last Wednesday we finally had our first real-life activity again! We went to the forest near Wageningen-Hoog to do Jachtseizoen. Each round, one of the Splitters had to escape from the others for 15 minutes or one hour while the others had to find the “criminal” with the use of an app. Some of them Read more about Jachtseizoen[…]

  • Online baking game

    Online baking game

    The AC organized a very fun activity: the amazing online baking game! You could join this event on your own or with a partner in crime. Each team received another incomplete recipe. To make the recipe complete, we had to sort all kinds of puzzles and riddles provided by other teams. We had to call Read more about Online baking game[…]

  • First year activity

    First year activity

    A few days ago, the first-year members of our association organized an online activity for all the other members. The activity was “kwartet” (four-of-a-kind). First, we gathered online in a teams meeting. The organizers of the activity divided all members present into teams and we were provided with a list of quartets. Every member of Read more about First year activity[…]

  • Split challenge

    Split challenge

    Instead of the competition, we had an online Split challenge. Eight Splitters were present in the Zoom meeting. After the warming-up given by Marcel, the game was on! We had to do different exercises for 30 seconds and counted the repetitions we got. Everybody surprised themselves by their strength; some even got 30 seconds ‘hoeksteun’ Read more about Split challenge[…]

  • Among us

    Among us

    On the 4th of November the AC organized a new online Split activity and quite a few old, as well as new Splitters showed up. Nowadays, probably everyone heard of or already played the game ‘among us’. In this game everyone is a member of the crew that has to perform certain tasks, except for Read more about Among us[…]

  • Kubb tournament

    Kubb tournament

    On the 16th of September we had our first Split activity of this year and our second real life activity since the corona time! It was really nice to see each other again and to chat while we were eating self-made cookies, cake, fruit spieces and bread with dips. Even some new Splitters came which Read more about Kubb tournament[…]

  • Online escape room

    Online escape room

    Last Thursday the AC organized another online activity. This time we did an online escape room! We we’re able to communicate via zoom to complete the mission 🕵🏼‍♀️ We had a lot of fun and we made it till the end! 💪🏼

  • Outside trainings

    Outside trainings

    Since a few weeks we can train outside.🤸🏼‍♀️ The trainings are a little bit different than what we’re used to, but these outside trainings are also a lot of fun! 🤩 We are very happy that we can train again and that we can see each other again (in real life instead of online 😊)

  • Online Pubquiz and Pictionary

    Online Pubquiz and Pictionary

    Sadly, due to the corona virus we are not allowed to see eachother in real life. Fortunately Marcel still keeps us in shape with online trainings via Zoom. However, during the online trainings there is no time for chatting💪🏽😉and because we do like chatting besides gymnastics we organised an online Splitquiz and pictionary evening! The Read more about Online Pubquiz and Pictionary[…]

  • Just Dance and dessert party

    Just Dance and dessert party

    On the 4th of March the Just Dance evening took place at Fenna’s house. And because dancing makes you hungry, we combined it with a dessert party :P. Almost everybody brought something with chocolate, so fortunately we could compensate this with all kinds of fruit. Unfortunately, the men of Split didn’t dare to come, so Read more about Just Dance and dessert party[…]

  • Jumping competition 2020

    Jumping competition 2020

    On the 22th of February two Split teams traveled to Rotterdam to participate in the jumping competition. The first team was a little bit chaotic, and in every round, it was a surprise who was going to jump and in which order, while the second team had written down all the useful information. Nevertheless, both Read more about Jumping competition 2020[…]

  • First year’s activity

    First year’s activity

    Which activity is also amazing besides gymnastics? Indeed, eating FOOD! Moreover, this is very important to fuel the muscles after doing gymnastics. What a coincidence, the first year’s members organized a potluck dinner on the 23rd of January! We just continued the delicious food after the Christmas dinner 😉. The first year’s members all made Read more about First year’s activity[…]

  • Christmas dinner

    Christmas dinner

    Last Wednesday on the 15th of January, the split Christmas dinner took place, better late than never :p. The theme was fairytales and the dinner was in the Lumen building which gave it a real magical touch. At Splitterklaas a lot of people wrote down what their favourite fairytale was and at the dinner everybody Read more about Christmas dinner[…]