15th August 2018


Besides the board, Split also has several committees. The committees consist of Split members who like to do something extra for the association. Below you can see which committees Split has.

Activity committee

The Activity committee arranges the activities besides the our training. Examples of activities the AC organises are: dessert party, pooling, Sinterklaas, new years drinks, BBQ, Gala, handstand workshops and much more!

Competition committee

Split can be one of the associations that organizes a competition for all the student gymnastics associations in the Netherlands. When this is the case, there will be a Competition committee that arranges from judges, food and competition scheme to the equipment.

Weekend committee

The Weekend committee organizes the best weekend of the year, a.k.a. the Splitweekend! During this weekend, we often visit the hometown of a member of Split and do fun activities like a crazy 88 or a treasure hunt. It is always a lot of fun!

First year committee

Every year a couple of first year split members are asked to organise an activity to integrate the new members with the old members of Split. They are free to organize whatever they like.

Lustrum committee

Every 5 years we celebrate the lustrum of Split. We celebrate this with a week full of fun activities, a reunion party and all other kinds of fun things! The Lustrum committee makes sure each lustrum will be unforgettable.

Christmas Dinner committee

Each year, we celebrate Christmas with each other. The Christmas Dinner committee will make sure this will be a fun evening!

Clothing committee

The Clothing committee designs merchandise for all our members.

Judge committee

The Judge committee is a group of Splitters who have a KNGU judging certificate or who are currently following a course to become a certified judge. They go to competitions to judge the routines of competitors.

Finance control committee

The finance control committee consists of Split members that have been treasurer. They help the treasurer with the finances and check if all finances are in order.

Committee of Advice

The Committee of Advice consists of old board members and helps the board when they need advice on certain topics.

Continuity committee

The continuity committee is there to make decisions in the name of the board, when the board can’t due to conflicts of interest, illness or any other reason.