2nd February 2023

World Record Handstands

World Record Handstands

Hi! Split is up for a new challange and therefore we need you! On June 25th 2023 we will attempt to break the Guinness world record. We will need to do a handstand with as many people as possible at the same time. The current record is a steady 399 people and dates from 2007. That’s 15 years ago already! Ever since, there have been multiple attempts to break the record without succes. But we know for sure there is enough handstand talent in the Netherlands to break this record! Therefore, we organise a new awttempt to break the Guinness World Record Handstands.

World Record Handstand 2023
Handstand World Record attempt Split

Date and Location

The date and location for our record attempt is Sunday June 25, 2023 in Ahoy Rotterdam. We are collaborating with the KNGU (Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union), who will be organising the finals of The Dutch Gymnastics Championships at the same date and location! They also organise some fun extra activities at the square before Ahoy, so you can easily enjoy yourself a full day From 12:00h you can find us at the square before Ahoy!

Participating in the world record handstands is completely free! For tickets for the Gymnastics Finals, you can take a look here.


To break the world record, your handstand needs to meet the official Guinness World Record requirements. We’ve listed them here:

  • Hold your handstand for at least five seconds
  • Keep your leggs closed and straight together
  • Walking in the handstand is not allowd!

Are you able to do this? Then join is and register here!


Are you excited about this record attempt, but your handstand needs a bit too much refinement before the 25th of June? Join us as a volunteer! As volunteer you will help with preparing the attempt location and check whether the handstands of the participants suffice the requirements. So you will still be in the midst of the record attempt! Additionally you can volunteer at the Dutch Gymanstics Finals. When you also volunteer for the Dutch Gymnastics Finals on both saterday and sunday we’ll offer you an overnight stay. Without doubt, that will be a great weekend!


Do you want to stay up to date on this event? Follow our instagram! @worldrecord.split

Any questions about the record attempt can be asked by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

World record handstand committee
Meet the organising committee, we are excited to see you in Ahoy on June 25th 2023!