15th May 2016


Everyone that trains at Split needs to be a member of the association. Though, it is obviously allowed to train at the association a few times beforehand. For this, there are open training in the beginning (September) and in the middle (February) of the academic year. Please send a message to [email protected] if you want to do a trial! We will then put you on the waiting list and send you an email when there will be open trainings again!

In order to become a member it is necessary to have sports rights (purchasable at de Bongerd). Secondly, you need to fill in the registration form provided by someone from the board. And lastly, you have to pay contribution. The contribution at Split is currently €23,-. It needs to be paid once every official academic year (september-august). If you join from february and onwards you only have to pay € 12,-. If you are a new member, you will have to pay an one time entry fee of € 3,-. Every year the contribution amount for the coming year is decided around June.