15th May 2016


Everyone who trains at Split needs to be a member of the association. To join Split, you have to join our open trainings in September. Please send a message to [email protected] if you want to join these open trainings. We will put you on the waiting list and send you an email when there will be open trainings again! Do you want to join the association for the second half of the academic year? Please send an email to the same email address mentioned above and we will contact you about the possibilities. For more information about our trainings, see also the ‘Training‘ section.

In order to become a member, three things are important:
1. It is necessary to have sports rights (purchasable at de Bongerd, make sure to buy yearly sports rights, not monthly).
2. You need to fill in the registration form provided by the board.
3. You have to pay contribution. The contribution at Split is currently €23,-. It needs to be paid once every official academic year (September – August). If you join from february and onwards you only have to pay € 12,-. If you are a new member, you will have to pay an one time entry fee of € 3,-. Every year the contribution amount for the coming year is decided around June.

You can read more important things about the membership of our association in the House Rules.