15th May 2016


Every week we train in sports hall 4 of de Bongerd, on Monday from 20:00 – 22:00 and Thursday from 18:00 – 20:00. There is no training during winter and summer holidays and any holiday when de Bongerd is closed. Every training is led by our trainer Marcel Wubs.

During most sport-rights-free weeks of De Bongerd, we organise open trainings where newcomers can try out gymnastics at our association. De Bongerd has two periods of sport-rights-free weeks, 3 weeks during September and one week in February.

We always organise open trainings during the sport-rights-free weeks in September. These are for people with all kinds of experience, but open trainings in February are often with minimum requirements.

If you are interested in joining these open trainings, please send an e-mail first to [email protected]. You will then be put on the waiting list, and will receive an email with information about the next period of open trainings.

We are in possession of the following equipment:

  • 6 beams of different heights
  • 2 high bars
  • 2 parallel bars
  • 2 uneven bars
  • 3 sets of rings
  • 1 airtrack
  • 1 bouncy track
  • 1 big trampoline
  • 3 normal trampolines
  • 1 pummel horse
  • 2 vaults
  • somersoalt belt
  • Loads of mats to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves when we mess up 😀